7 Ways to Switch Up Your New Year

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Hey, I know, it’s past January. Is this really the time to be talking about how to change up our year?

Well, two responses to that – first, New Years is a social construct(like time) and is different in many cultures anyway. The beginning of our new year doesn’t have to coincide with society’s!

Also, this is the perfect time to discuss new changes and goals. We’re all in that slump after putting in so much planning and hope into our resolutions, and the despair that we won’t accomplish all we wanted to is setting in. Now’s the time for a kick in the butt, so here are some suggestions:


1. Change your skincare/makeup/outfit routine

Be inconsistent, or if that’s your usual MO, see what it’s like to be consistent. Take care of yourself if you’ve had bad habits before, like going to bed with makeup on, or not exfoliating, etc. Everyone is different. How do you want to change?


  • picking outfits the night before.
  • making an outfit around a single piece of jewelry, or even try disney bounding(making an outfit in the color scheme or style of one of your favorite characters.)
  • new products/new routines. 


2. Read What You Love

Ignore to-read lists. Ignore recommendations. Ignore society. Pick books based on covers you like, genres you like, authors you like. Read romance novels and comic books. Reread your favorites. Just read. Erase any and all voices telling you to read ‘classics’ or ‘bestsellers’. Just go ham and get in the habit of reading.


3. Read Something New

Conflicting advice, just for fun–read something new. If you’re already in the habit of reading and you love it, now is the perfect time to switch it up. If you don’t read a lot, refer to number two. But once you’re in the habit, and you enjoy it, step outside of your comfort zone.


  • a book that has been translated from another language.
  • a book about a country you’ve never heard of.
  • a book about someone who is a different race or sexuality than you.
  • in a different age group(seriously, picture books? The best.)


4. Actively Seek out New Music

We all love music, but sometimes we rely on Spotify and Pandora to do the heavy lifting for us when it comes to discovery. Spend time making playlists and exploring more tunes from your favorite artists.

Make playlists for:

  • traveling
  • doing work
  • for a story you’re writing
  • cheering up
  • getting inspired


5. Get Tangible to Get Organized

Sorry to feed into our materialistic and capitalist society, but sometimes having something physical does make a big difference.


  • bullet journaling
  • getting a jewelry organizer
  • getting a paper organizer
  • pinterest tutorials for new storage ideas


6. Nurture Your Spirituality

The thing we forget the most. Sometimes, we can be productive, emotionally stable, and well-rested, but still feel empty. Don’t forget to take time to reflect and think about your purpose, and find deeper meaning in your actions.


  • attending a church service
  • reading tarot cards
  • meditating
  • lighting a candle
  • writing in a journal


7. Explore Where You Live

Traveling to new countries is great, but there are hidden gems right where you live! If you explore enough, you might find your new favorite hang out, food, or writing spot.


  • parks
  • libraries
  • street art/murals
  • museums
  • local cafes/restaurants


It’s never too late to start new habits or set new goals. Happy adventuring!


Have you tried something new this year? Do you have any new habits?

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